Luxury Kitchen Cabinets in Westchester County, NY

Cabinets are the centerpieces of your kitchen for numerous reasons—their functional appeal, expansiveness in the kitchen environment and overall penchant for setting the ton of the room makes them a focal point no matter the kitchen design or décor. If you’re looking to send a message of luxury, sophistication and allure when it comes to your kitchen, it pays to have the very best kitchen cabinets in Westchester County, NY.

At Euphoria Kitchen & Bath Ltd, designing and installing custom cabinets in Westchester County, NY to make your kitchen the best it can be is our specialty! Kitchen cabinets have been our focus for more than five decades and in that time we’ve come to learn everything there is to know about ensuring the seamless kitchen appearance. We’ve also come to partner with some of the very best brands in the industry, to offer 100 percent wood cabinets that are above and beyond your everyday, ordinary options:

  • Craft-Maid: Since 1972, Craft-Maid’s philosophy has been to be innovators by introducing styles that are cutting edge in the kitchen industry. Ever since the Colonial styles of the 70s, Craft-Maid’s designers and skilled cabinetmakers have proven themselves versatile.
  • Birchcraft: A beautiful, durable finished wood product must begin with careful preparation of the new wood. Birchcraft painstakingly hand-sands every exposed surface, inside and outside, of its cabinets and component parts using progressively finer sandpaper until each cabinet and component part feels flawless to the touch.
  • Holiday Kitchens: Holiday’s Elite Design Collection features 100 percent wood cabinets, natural maple interior with 5/8″ solid maple dovetail drawers, a state-of-the-art drawer guide system and flush finished “furniture” ends. Over 50 door styles are available in oak, cherry, maple and hickory.

What sets Euphoria Kitchen & Bath Ltd apart from other designers is the fact that all of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Westchester County, NY are specially made to order, meaning you’re getting the perfect fit for your home and not just another generic option off the line.

For more information about any of the different brands or types of cabinets in Westchester County, NY we have to offer your kitchen, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 914-241-3046. We’ll be happy to consult with you about cabinets that fit your home, your budget and your preferences.